26 April 2018

Calling all gardeners!

If you are a gardener, the Aylmer Heritage Association could use your help. We are looking for healthy garden plants for our 18th annual plant sale.

Perhaps you have overgrown perennials that need thinning, or you are planning to get rid of a garden plot. Please consider providing these plants for our sale, rather than simply throwing them out

We’d appreciate it if you could put the perennials aside in pots, identified by their common or botanical names. Then, call the Aylmer Heritage Association at 819-684-6809 or email us  and we will provide a drop-off point or arrange to collect your potted plants. Also, if you need help digging your plants, let us know and we’ll arrange for someone to go your place at a time convenient for you.

Plants need time to settle in their pots and perk up before the day of the sale, so we would gladly accept your plants as soon as you can get into the garden.


Getting Your Hands Dirty

Do you like to dig in the soil? If you have a few hours to spare, we could really use your help. We are always looking for volunteer gardeners to help with the digging, dividing and potting of plants.

Most of the work takes place in May. We try to put the plants in pots a good two to three weeks prior to the plant sale so they have time to recover and thrive. Our aim is to offer strong, healthy plants to our customers.

So, if you’d like to work along with us, just call the Association at 819-684-6809 or email us.


Pots, please!

Don’t throw those pots in the recyclables! We are always searching for plastic pots for holding the plants we offer at the plant sale. We know our customers want good-sized plants so we look for pots that are six or more inches in diameter. If you have pots to spare, they can be dropped off beside the shed at the back of the Association’s office.


Spread The Word!

Do you have friends or neighbours who love to garden? You see them each spring eagerly checking for signs of new life in the soil. Before long, they will be dividing their perennials, transplanting plants and creating new garden plots.

Please ask them not to throw out plants as they do this work. Let them know that the Aylmer Heritage Association would gladly accept their perennials. We are always searching for more gardeners willing to contribute their perennials to a good cause.