1 February 2020

Heritage month conference :

Deschênes 2020 : Let’s celebrate 200 years of history.

Deschênes celebrates a double centennial in 2020- the first dwelling( a trading post) was established in Deschênes in 1821, and the village of Deschênes was incorporated in 1920. It is a good time to explore and celebrate the history of the settlement of the First Nations and the passage of the Europeans explorers on the big commercial river, the development of industries based on the power of the rapids, the electric tram linking Aylmer and Ottawa, the construction of a giant refinery never used, and much more.

Speaker : Howard Powles, President, Association des résidents de Deschênes.

When : Sunday February 9, 2020,  2 pm

Where : Association du patrimoine d’Aylmer, 495 Chemin d’Aylmer( entrance rue du Golf)

Free. Donations appreciated.

Please reserve. Sitting limited.