By : Micheline Lemieux et Luc Paquette   /   31 January 2021

Ttribute to the great lady of Aylmer, Mrs. Constance Provos, mayor for 3 terms



A tribute to the great lady of Aylmer, Mrs. Constance Provost, who passed away on Saturday January 9 at the age of 96.

Constance was mayor of Aylmer for three terms, from 1983 to 1995. The best managed city in La belle province.



Whenever we were at the town planning departments at the same time, she would ask to accompany to visit historic houses.

We visited 18 heritage homes together.

She would say to me

“Wait a minute young man’’,

‘’I’ll get my galoshes and my kerchief; I want to see this house with my own eyes.”

Summary of a discussion I had with Constance on March 15, 1985 regarding the Old-Aylmer’s value.

The heritage buildings of Old-Aylmer are one of the only tangible flashbacks that we have from the past and the past eras. They have intrinsic historical and educational value as we can learn a lot, in terms of architecture as well as past living standards and the way of life of our people.

In addition, buildings from a certain era are usually constructed with different or better materials and techniques than the modern constructions.

Our eternal Constance,


Luc Paquette


Another tribute :

When I moved to Old-Aylmer, Constance Provost was already in place. And quickly advantageous developments appeared on Principale Street, sidewalks, lampposts, artistic benches, programs for heritage houses. But I got to know her in a more personal way.


I used to cross-country ski at Golf Champlain and often parked in a driveway,corner Chemin McConnell and Chemin Allen. One Saturday, after a snowfall, I got stuck. So I walked around looking for a place to phone. And I came to a house where there was someone. I knock and Madame Provost answers me in person, with her apron and oven mitts. She invites me in, runs quickly to the kitchen, and returns with some hot, freshly baked date squares. Then she goes to put on the boots and coat and tells me we’re gonna get you off the hook. As we arrive to my car. I realize that if the mayoress of Aylmer gets hurt or worse, it would be my fault. So I insisted on being driven to the garage. I had just met a great lady, hospitable and warm.

Several years later, when I was visiting my father at the Aylmer Monastery, I often ran into Constance Provost at the entrance, who replaced the receptionist during her breaks. She also lived at the Monastery and was the ambassador of the residence. She participated in events that took place there, including the opening of the Fête d’Antan, in September, in the Grand Salon. One year, 2013 in fact, she wore a pretty heritage dress, aqua blue. We looked like twins! A photo was taken. A beautiful memory of a great lady who was incredibly involved in the community she loved.


Madame Constance, you will not be forgotten!


Micheline Lemieux